E-rate and Rural Health Care Inflation-Based Caps for FY2021

The FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau (Bureau) announced the E-Rate and Rural Health Care (RHC) programs’ funding caps for funding year 2021. The new caps represent a 1.2% inflation-adjusted increase in each program cap from funding year 2020. 

FY2021 Filing Window Deadline Extended to June 1

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) extends the close of the funding year 2021 application filing window for the Rural Health Care (RHC) program until June 1, 2021

FY2019 HCF Invoicing Deadlines Approaching

In 2020, the FCC released two invoicing deadline waivers to HCF program applicants, resulting in many FY2019 FRNs having March or June invoicing deadlines.