Our History

Kellogg and Sovereign® Consulting was established in 1996 by educators for educators. Founder Jane Kellogg was a leader in education and technology, with years of experience in teaching and school administration prior to joining Apple Computer. Ms. Kellogg shared the knowledge she had gained at Apple with educators, helping to integrate technology into the classroom. Deborah Sovereign joined the firm in 1998 and brought her skills in technology, accounting and finance.  The unique skill set of the founders enabled the firm to provide professional expertise to assist our clients at all levels.

Kellogg and Sovereign actively applied for grants and funding opportunities on behalf of schools and libraries to enable them to meet their technology goals. When the E-Rate Program was introduced, our firm was one of the first E-Rate consulting firms to train educators on how to prepare applications, as well as assist them with obtaining this valuable funding.

In 2007, Kellogg and Sovereign added Rural Health Care Consulting services, helping clients from single site rural hospitals and clinics to regional mental health centers and multi-state health systems.  Beginning in 2012, Kellogg and Sovereign worked with health care leaders in Oklahoma to form the Telehealth Alliance of Oklahoma. The firm facilitated the statute change for the Oklahoma Universal Services Fund resulting in HB2616 which modernized the program for schools, libraries and health care providers in the state of Oklahoma. 

In 2021, ownership transferred to Sigma Technology Fund, LLC which brought national and global experience to the firm with the leadership of Jason Ramey as CEO and Karina Roiuk-Yu as CFO. 

Kellogg and Sovereign has continued to expand our service offerings and locations with experienced professionals ready to assist our clients in securing the funding necessary to achieve their technology and connectivity goals..

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