Who We Are

Kellogg and Sovereign helps schools, libraries and health care providers receive the funding they need to stay connected.

Our experienced professionals draw on their background in accounting, technology, networking, education, health care, administration, and business to provide exceptional service and exceed our clients’ expectations.

At Kellogg and Sovereign, we seek to:

Maximize funding opportunities for advanced telecommunications and information services

Positively affect entire communities by delivering affordable access to information and health services

Provide access to educational opportunities for students across the nation regardless of their school size or location.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of lives by connecting schools, libraries and health care providers with advanced telecommunications and information services by arranging funding.

How We Help


From the program’s very beginning in 1997, Kellogg and Sovereign assists schools & libraries to successfully receive funding from the E-Rate program (Schools & Libraries Universal Service Discount Mechanism). We help in all aspects of the E-Rate program — from preparing your Request for Proposal to filing for reimbursement.

Rural Health Care Programs

In 2007 we expanded to assist health care providers by providing program management services to help them receive funding from the FCC’s two Rural Health Care programs, the Health Care Connect Fund and the Telecommunications Program.

Our Team

Mailing Address:

3010 LBJ Freeway, Suite 1200, No. 450
Dallas, TX 75234
Office: (580) 332-1444
Email: contactus@kelloggllc.com

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