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Kellogg & Sovereign® Consulting helps schools & library patrons in the U.S. stay connected on the internet to the information and resources they need.

Each year the E-Rate program provides discounts from the FCC on essential broadband services to schools and libraries in the U.S. to help make high-speed internet access and Wi-Fi more reliable and affordable. Discounts depend on the level and location of the school or library seeing support.

From the program’s beginning in 1997, Kellogg and Sovereign assists schools & libraries to successfully receive funding from the E-Rate program. We help in all aspects of the E-Rate program — from preparing your Request for Proposal to filing for reimbursement.

If you’re ready to get started, request a quote, or inquire about our E-Rate analysis, our experts are available to assist you with your E-Rate filing needs.

K&S is a founding member of the E-Rate Management Professionals Association.


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