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Kellogg & Sovereign® Consulting provides professional program management services for Health Care Providers (HCPs) and assists clients with funding from the FCC’s two Rural Health Care programs: The Healthcare Connect Fund and the Telecommunications Program.

Experienced since 1998 with the Federal Universal Services Programs, we serve clients from single site rural hospitals and clinics to regional mental health centers and multi-state health systems.

Our professional’s vast knowledge and expertise in these two programs enables us to provide unrivaled service and value to our clients that is compliant with the guidelines established by the FCC, bringing comprehensive program management services to your health care organization.

Kellogg & Sovereign is recognized as a top universal service management firm in the U.S. for over 20 years. This recognition is based on the quantity of the applications filed, our quality of professional services, our dedication to program compliance, and the affordability for our clients. We understand that clients depend on funding support from the FCC programs each year.

Why Choose Us

In today’s highly compliant and competitive market, Health Care Providers must make certain their applications for funding are professionally managed in a precise and timely manner. The qualified, professional staff at Kellogg & Sovereign have many years of experience in universal service program funding policy and program management and will work with your organization to relieve the administrative burden and maximize your funding.

Since Kellogg & Sovereign is not a vendor of products or services, we are not eligible for FCC funding support and our firm can represent clients through all steps of the funding application process – including the competitive bid process that can be daunting.

Our staff works within the program rules daily and maintains constant communication with FCC and administrative staff to ensure our client applications and documentation are within program guidelines.

We assist our clients from verification of eligibility and needs assessment to competitive bidding, filing required forms, preparing supporting documentation, processing funding, assisting with billing and disbursements, problem resolution, compliance, review, and audits.

For a free analysis of your healthcare organization and the funding potential, please contact us via email at or by phone at 580) 334-1444 Ext. 8316.

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