K&S Emergency Connectivity Fund Resources

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Kellogg and Sovereign Consulting provided a presentation on the Emergency Connectivity Fund on Tuesday, May 25, 2021.  Click Here to view the recording and handouts.

Reference guides and flow chart:

Kellogg and Sovereign Consulting is pleased to provide you with our Reference Guide of the Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF)

The summary will be updated as new information and clarifications are provided by the FCC and USAC.

Reference Guide      Reference Chart

K&S ECF Flow Chart

Survey Your Students

Surveys are not required in order to file for support from the Emergency Connectivity Fund. (You can use prior surveys you conducted last year or use your best estimates of unmet need for your students).  However, surveying your students with the specific questions about unmet need is a best practice to document the unmet need for Internet access or connected devices (laptops or tablets) for your student’s off-campus use.  We recommend that you conduct a survey for audit purposes to document unmet needs of your students.  Keep the results for 10 years.

Surveys are not required for libraries as they have to gather certifications directly from the library patrons when hotspots or connected devices are checked out.

Online Survey – ready to go!

Survey examples if you prefer to manage your own survey: