Kellogg & Sovereign and E-MPA Submit Comments to the FCC on E-Rate for Remote Learning

Kellogg & Sovereign Consulting, LLC (KSLLC) and the E-Rate Management Professionals Association (E-mpa) submitted comments today in reponse to the FCC’s request for comments on using the E-Rate program to provide support for remote learning. Both organizations voiced support using E-Rate to provide support for remote learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

KSLLC’s Deborah Sovereign currently serves as President of the E-mpa Board of Directors contributed to the comments for E-mpa.

KSLLC highlighted the responses to our survey from 12 school districts who provided excellent information regarding their experiences in providing remote learning and associated costs.

Kellogg & Sovereign Comments 2/16/2021
E-Rate Management Professionals Association Comments 2/16/2021

We encourage everyone to submit comments by either submitting a short paragraph using the FCC’s express comments method or you can provide a MS Word document or .pdf with your comments by using the standard method. Reply comments are due 2/23/2021.

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