Applicant Forms

USAC/SLD Forms: 
470, 471, 479, 486, 500 & 472

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Form 498 
Required for Erate Applicants to receive USAC payments beginning July 1, 2016

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IRS W-9 Taxpayer Identification Number 

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Oklahoma schools – complete forms required by the Corporation Commission and forward to your service provider so they can apply for OUSF support on your behalf. 

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Find samples of E-Rate Record Retention and Procurement Policies, along with E-Rate Gift Rules for inclusion in your current gift policy. 

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KS Clients: Use this form to annually certify compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, including a cyberbullying awareness curriculum declaration. 

CIPA Certification 2223 – pdf

CIPA Certification 2324 – pdf

KS Clients: Use this form to send us contact information for your school or library 

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Income Survey can be used to determine your school’s E-Rate discount using the Alternative Discount Method. 

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If you use the Household Income Survey, use this form to summarize your results. 

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KS Clients: Tips for conducting a bidders conference (walk through) and sign in sheet 

Bidders Conference-Walk Through

Sign in Sheet

Bidders Conf Report

KS Clients: Use this form to list all services you will request on your E-Rate Form 471. 

Accepted Bids Summary (.xlsx)

Accepted Bids Summary (.pdf)

Prepare the NSLP certification form on your school letterhead. 

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KS Clients: Use this form to list out the Budget for your Supporting Resources.

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