RHC Bidding Guide


1. Register for Access

  1. Visit the Kellogg & Sovereign® Bonfire Portal
  2. Select the “New Vendor Registration” icon to create your free Bonfire account.
  3. Please be sure to enter any commodity codes you would like to receive alerts for.

2. Complete Forms

  • USAC Forms
    • If you don’t have a Form 498 ID (SPIN), you will need to register your company with USAC by completing USAC Form 498.
    • You also need to obtain a registration number with the FCC. Be sure to look up your company first to make sure you don’t already have a registration number. See: FCC Registration.
    • Register for access to USAC’s online RHC Portal. Call the USAC help line if you need further assistance: 888-453-1546.