E-Rate Funding

The Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) usually issues the first wave of funding commitments in May prior to the beginning of the funding year. USAC provides a demand estimate to the FCC after the Form 471 filing window closes. The FCC will then determine amount of funding available and will direct USAC to issue funding to applications based on the amount of funds remaining in the program.

1. How to View Funding Commitments:

Detailed instructions on how to view the list of schools and libraries included in the funding waves are posted on the SLD web site. See Funding Tools, Search Commitments: Search Tools

2. How to View Advanced Search Options:

You can view and/or download funding commitments by school/library, state, funding year by going to the commitments search screen on the SLD web site.  Then click on “Advanced Search” : Automated Search of Commitments

3. How to View Detailed Information about Your Funding:

The SLD’s Data Retrieval Tool allows you to download details about your funding including funding date, denial reasons, original requests, committed amounts, contract expiration date, and amounts disbursed. See:  Data Retrieval Tool

4. How to View Item 21 Attachments:

Beginning with FY2015, the line item detail of products and services requested on E-rate funding requests is included on the FCC Form 471. The detail information was formerly called “Item 21 Attachments.” You can download the line item detail from the Form 471 Tools – Download 471 Information.

5. How to Find the Status on an Application:

If your school or library doesn’t show up in the funding commitments, you can find out the status of your application by logging into your EPC account, then navigate to Forms, Form 471.

6. How to Find your Billed Entity Number (BEN)

In order to look up the status of your application, you have to know your billed entity number. You can find your BEN on SLD’s web site using the Billed Entity Search in the tools section of the USAC web site.

If you have any questions about the E-Rate program, please feel free to call your E-Rate professionals, Kellogg & Sovereign® Consulting at 866-334-1444.

Priority 2 Funding Floor:

2014-15: NO FUNDING
2013-14: NO FUNDING
2012-13: 90%
2011-12: 88%
2010-11: No Floor
2009-10: 77%
2008-09: 87%
2007-08: 81%
2006-07: 86%
2005-06: 80%
2004-05: 81%
2003-04: 70%
2002-03: 81%
2001-02: 86%
2000-01: 82%
1999-00: No Floor
1998-99: 70%