Required Documents for Bidding

See the Notice to Service Providers (Bidding Step 2) for details of bid requirements. List shown below is summary only.

Bid Requirements

  1. FCC Form 498 ID – Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN)
  2. FCC registration Number (FCC RN)
  3. Service Providers must comply with local, state, and federal requirements including agreement to fully cooperate with audit and ten year document retention requirements
  4. Follow bidding instructions posted on the applicant’s FCC Form 470
  5. In general, bids will be submitted online,
  6. Applicants may post RFPs and require bids submitted directly to the applicant. Bidders MUST read instructions on the 470s and properly respond
  7. Bidders must comply with additional bid requirements including bid submission requirements as posted on the individual applicant’s RFP
  8. Item 21 Templates must be completed by awarded bidder within 5 days of request. ALL internal connections services will require Item 21 upload templates to be completed by the awarded bidder.
  9. Supporting detail and documentation must be submitted online
  10. Contracts for all products and services must be submitted with the bid – QUOTATIONS ARE NOT CONTRACTS and will not be accepted. (Exception for tariffed or month to month service)
  11. Bidders must attend mandatory walk throughs.
  12. Bidders must provide certifications, experience and references
  13. Oklahoma – Bidders for OUSF eligible services must be eligible providers per program rules
  14. Bids submitted after the bid close date/time will be rejected.

Bid Evaluation Criteria

See Bid Evaluation Criteria listed on the applicant’s RFP.

Bid Award Notifications

Bid Award Notifications may be provided by the applicant per their local procurement procedures. USAC will send Form 471 Receipt Acknowledgement notices (RAL) online in the USAC E-Rate Productivity Center (EPC) to each service provider listed on a Form 471.

Warning- the RAL is not a funding commitment.

RAL is an acknowledgement that products or services associated with the service provider’s SPIN has been submitted on a FCC Form 471. If the project is conditional upon funding, do not take action on the project without a waiver from the applicant until a Funding Commitment is issued.

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