Cost Allocation Sites

The following manufacturers’ web sites provide cost allocation details for E-Rate eligible products & services:

Cisco E-Rate Helpdesk

This web site is designed to support the E-rate needs of Cisco Systems’ employees, partners and customers.

Extreme E-Rate Products

Extreme Networks eligibility tables for switches and networking equipment are available upon request from Extreme Networks.

Dell SonicWall E-Rate Cost Allocation

SonicWALL manufacturer’s E-Rate cost allocation tables are available upon request from Dell.

Fortinet E-Rate Product List

Fortinet E-Rate Product List and Eligibility.

Aruba Networks

Aruba Networks Product Eligibility

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Product Eligibility

Juniper E-Rate Products and Service Eligibility List

Juniper Networks Product Eligibility

Safari Montage E-Rate Eligibility

Safari Montage E-Rate Eligibility

Sophos E-Rate Product Eligibility

Sophos Product Eligibility


E-Rate for Digital Learning | RUCKUS Networks

Attention bidders: If you would like your E-rate eligibility table listed, please send the URL for your information to: