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FCC Seeks Comment on Category 2 Budgets - Comments due 8/16/2019

Wednesday, July 10, 2019 12:00 AM

The FCC is seeking comments on the budget approach for E-rate Category 2 services. Comments are due August 16, 2019.  Reply comments are due September 3, 3019.

In the NPRM, the Commission proposes amending its rules to make permanent the category two budget approach for all applicants; (2) proposes and seeks comment on ways to improve the category two budget approach; and (3) seeks comment on how best to transition from the five-year test period to a permanent extension of this approach. 

Specifically, the Commission seeks comment on other potential ways to improve the budget approach, including moving to district-wide budgets and simplifying the budget calculations.  It also seeks general comment on ways to decrease the burden of applying for category two services and improve administration of category two budgets for both applicants and USAC.

Commissioners O’Rielly, Rosenworcel and Starks issued statements; O’Rielly dissented in part, noting that the Commission missed an opportunity to take “corrective steps” on the special construction issue.