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FFL Meets with Commissioner Rosenworcel to discuss trends in E-Rate Demand

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 12:00 AM

Funds for Learning's president, Cathy Cruzan and CEO John Harrington explained the un-reported demand for E-rate funding and trends with the FCC's Commissioner Rosenworcel and Travis Litman, Commissioner Rosenworcel's Chief of Staff and Senior Legal Advisor.  According to the Ex Parte letter submitted by Mr. Harrington, FFL described the importance of E-rate for schools and libraries and  provided details explaining that the amounts requested for funding were significantly below the real need for E-rate support that has been limited by the per student cap on "Category 2" requests and the phase out of funding support for voice services.

The statistical graphs clearly show the drop in funding requests along with the increase in need for outside consultants to assist with the online filings on behalf of E-rate applicants.