News Story

FCC Chairman Pai Appoints USAC Board of Directors

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 12:00 AM

Chairman Ajit Pai hereby appoints six members to the Board of Directors of the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) pursuant to section 54.703(c)(3) of the Commission’s rules.

  • Representative for schools that are eligible for discounts under to section 54.501 of the Commission’s rules: Joan H. Wade, Ed.D., Executive Director, Association of Educational Service Agencies;
  • Representative for low-income consumers: Ellis Jacobs, Senior Attorney, Advocates for Basic Legal Equality, Inc.;
  • Representative for competitive local exchange carriers: Joseph Gillan, Consultant, Gillan Associates;
  • Representative for rural health care providers that are eligible to receive supported services pursuant to section 54.601: Katharine Hsu Wibberly, Ph.D., Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center;
  • Representative for incumbent local exchange carriers (non-Bell Operating Companies) with $40 million or less in annual revenues: Geoffrey A. Feiss, General Manager, Montana Telecommunications Association; and
  • Representative for interexchange carriers with annual operating revenues of $3 billion or less: Atilla Tinic, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Business Support Systems and International IT, CenturyLink.

Of special note:  Ms. Wade steps in to replace long-time member (and current USAC Board Chairman), Dr. Brian L. Talbott, Executive Director Emeritus of AESA, whose term is up this year.