E-Rate Services

Kellogg & Sovereign® Consulting (K&S) has been assisting schools & libraries successfully receive funding from the E-Rate program (Schools & Libraries Universal Service Discount Mechanism) since the beginning of the program in 1997.  KSLLC can assist your organization in all aspects of the E-Rate program from preparing your Request for Proposal to filing for reimbursement. The professionals at Kellogg & Sovereign® Consulting, LLC draw on their many years of experience in accounting, technology, networking, education, administration, and business to provide high quality service and consistently exceed clients' expectations.

Our mission is to make a positive difference in the quality of lives of others by obtaining funding for advanced telecommunications and information services not otherwise available to schools, libraries, and health care providersGoals include (1) Maximize funding opportunities for advanced telecommunications and information services (2) Positively affect entire communities by providing affordable access to information and health services (3) Provide access to educational opportunities for students across the nation regardless of their school size or location.

If you're ready to get started, request a quote below or inquire about our E-Rate analysis.  For general questions, our experts are available immediately to assist you with your E-rate filing needs.

K&S is a founding member of the E-Rate Management Professionals Association. 

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