Conducting a Bidders Conference/Walkthrough

Applicant schools and libraries may provide an opportunity for service providers to participate in a walk-through of their facility or attend a pre-bid conference.  

Mandatory Attendance - Applicants may require the service provider to attend in order to submit bids. As long as the applicant has clearly stated in their Form 470 or RFP that not attending these events is a reason for disqualification, the applicant may disqualify bids from service providers who did not attend these events. 

Best Practices:

  • Applicants need to provide timely notice to the service providers (bidders) so that they have a reasonable opportunity to attend.  
  • Communication with your KSLLC account manager is critical during the procurement process and bidding period.  Notify KSLLC of your intentions to host a bidders conference or a walk-through.
  • If the event is mandatory, it's good practice to provide two separate events on different dates. One in the morning and one in the afternoon.
  • If new information is provided to bidders during the meeting(s), the new information needs to be posted online to USAC's E-rate Productivity Center (EPC) as an Addendum to the RFP.  Additionally, the bidding period will need to be extended an additional 28 days.
  • ATTENDANCE SIGN IN SHEET is required for any bidder meetings.  USAC requires that the attendance sheets be uploaded with the applicant's RFP on USAC's E-rate Productivity Center (EPC).
  • Use the the BIDDERS CONFERENCE REPORT to log the handouts provided, questions and answers during the conference.  Submit the report to KSLLC immediately after the conference.  The report should be posted as an addendum with your RFP on USAC's EPC.

Bidders Conference and Walk-Through Dates will be included in the Applicant's RFP posted on both the USAC EPC and  and the e-bidding site Kellogg & Sovereign® PlanetBids Vendor Portal.

ATTENDANCE SIGN IN SHEET: The sign in sheets below may be used by applicants for their bidders conference or walk-through.  Be sure to complete the form to provide school or library name, date and location as well as whether or not attendance is mandatory. 

BIDDERS CONFERENCE REPORT: Complete the report to log the handouts provided and questions and answers during the meeting.  The completed report should be uploaded to USAC's E-rate productivity center within 24 hours of the meeting.