Audits, Visits & Reviews

Audits, Visits & Reviews

Be Prepared for Audits & Reviews!

By participating in the E-Rate program, you have agreed to fully cooperate if your school, library, or consortia is selected for audit.  If you properly retain your documentation, the process will go fairly smoothly for you.

The FCC & USAC/SLD are constantly performing audits and reviews to ensure that beneficiaries and service providers receiving financial support are complying with FCC rules and regulations. Many of the audit sites are randomly selected, and the selection process is designed to provide a wide variety of entities with regard to applicant size, discount percentage, and geographic location. Selection for an audit is not necessarily an indication that USAC believes problems exist.

For further details on the types of audits conducted by USAC and the FCC Office of Inspector General along with documentation requirements and audit tips, see: Audit Overview

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