Monthly Applicant Conference Calls

Join KSLLC for our Applicant Conference which occurs monthly, generally on the first Thursday. The calls offer timely information from the FCC and USAC as well as discussing the current KSLLC timeline and approaching E-rate deadlines. Please register for the date and time that works best for you:  Monthly Applicant Call - https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/7598692272743285005

Recorded Training Webinars

You will need a media player capable of playing .mp4 files to view the recordings.

Introduction to E-Rate Webinar - July 2018 app_intro_to_erate_2018.mp4
Introduction to E-Rate Handouts - July 2018 Introduction to E-Rate Handouts (pdf)
Applicant E-rate Workshop Webinar - July 2018 Applicant Workshop Webinar 7-30-18
Webinar Workshop Handouts - July 2018 2018 Applicant Workshop Webinar Slides_7-30-18
Completing your bid packet for E-Rate 2019-20

Completing Your Bid Packet 1920.mp4



Monthly Conference Calls

Monthly Applicant Call - June 13, 2019 app_call_190613.mp4  
Monthly Applicant Call - May 2, 2019 app_call_190502.mp4  
Monthly Applicant Call - April 4, 2019 app_call_190404.mp4  


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