Technology Planning

Kellogg & Sovereign Consulting, LLC has developed the Online Tech Plan Creator© for schools to use in preparing their technology plans. The Tech Plan Creator assists your district in preparing a plan that is in compliance with both E-Rate and NCLB requirements.

Tech Plan Creator© is included with our comprehensive E-Rate services, or can be purchased separately on an annual subscription basis.

The following reports were created using the online Tech Plan Creator:



Click on the following link to access the Tech Plan Creator© Tool:

If you have questions regarding login and use, send an email with your name and school name to Mel Van Patten:


Tech Plan Creator© Features
  • Introductory Section allows you to describe your overall technology plan (executive summary), your vision, and mission statement for educational technology.
  • Assessment Section includes self-assessment questions related to National Technology Education Standards (NETS)
  • Goals, Objectives, and Strategies Section allows you to enter budget information for objectives, and indicate how each objective aligns to E-Rate and NCLB requirements. The system automatically numbers and formats your report.
  • Budget Section allows you to enter summary budget information over a three year period including sources of funds and technology expenditures. Technology expenditures section aligns with E-Rate budget requirement for supporting resources in the Block 5 of the Form 471.
  • Evaluation Section enables you to explain your evaluation process and describe changes as your plan evolves.
  • CIPA Compliance Section aligns with E-Rate requirements so you can easily document your district's compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act.
  • Appendix Section allows you to list links to your district website and post supporting information such as network diagrams and curriculum plans
  • Reports are printed in .pdf format and can easily be downloaded and saved to your district web site. E-Rate and NCLB alignment reports ensure that your plan meets requirements.
  • Submit & certify program archives your technology plan versions for documentation of creation date.



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