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Teagan Vick Earns Certified E-Rate Management Professional Designation

Monday, November 7, 2016 12:00 AM

Kellogg & Sovereign Consulting is pleased to announce that Teagan Vick has achieved certification as an E-rate Management Professional per the standards of the E-Rate Mangement Professionals Association.  One of the E-Rate Management Professionals Association’s (E-mpa®), vision is to strengthen and support the E-rate program by acting as a self-certifying body of E-Rate management professionals and consultants. Five E-rate consultants, Teagan Vick with Kellogg & Sovereign, LLC, Sean Lock, Nick Shipley, Brian Stephens, and Micah Rigdon with Funds For Learning, took the exam. Mel VanPatten, E-mpa® Board President and Cathy Cruzan, President, Funds For Learning, proctored the exam.

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